Malte Joe Frid-Nielsen is a Danish actor, who grew up in England and America, currently living and working out of the heart of Denmark, Odense. 

Malte received his professional actor training from Cornish College of the Arts, where he graduated with a BFA in theater, specializing in original works. In Seattle, he alternated between established companies (The Intiman, New City Theater), and devising innovative productions in collaboration with ensembles of his peers (Strike Anywhere Productions, Filibuster Theatrics.)

He continued in this spirit upon his return to Denmark, finding new constellations of generative artists to experiment with (Nocando, Black Box Pangea, Det Dramatiske Udgangspunkt as well as old compatriots in international settings (This Foreign Concept) and established local companies (Teater Grob, Why Not Theater?)

In 2015, Malte was selected to be a part of the permanent ensemble of Teater Momentum's vol. 9.0. During the 2015-2016 season, he collaborated on three original devised pieces of 'hybrid-theatre' under the direction of Jacob Stage: Lige Om Lidt Bliver Alting Meget SjovereEvigt Solskin, and Cocktail. Here, he was also confronted with the challenge of performing Nassim Soleimanpour's theatrical enigma: Red Rabbit, White Rabbit

This season was highly acclaimed and the first piece, Lige Om Lidt Bliver Alting Meget Sjovere, won the prestigious Reumert award for the best work of Dance/Performance of 2015-16. Concurrently, Malte was also nominated for biggest acting breakthrough by CPHculture for his work at Momentum and in Why Not Theatre's English-language production, Love & Money, which was also received a nomination in the category of best international production.

Since coming to Denmark, Malte has also begun working in the mediums of film and television, appearing regularly in the comedy series Kristian on TV2 ZULU and portraying a veritable bestiary of characters on DR’s award winning fantasy series, Barda. He has also made appearances in Dicte, Rita, Broen, Juleønsket, and the major motion picture Spies og Glistrup (Sex, Drugs & Taxation).

Malte is also a lifelong practitioner of the martial arts. He holds a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and a second degree black belt in the Korean traditional martial art of Kuk Sool Won. He has competed extensively in grappling tournaments, most notably winning the Danish Open in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in several categories, the FAJJE’s Seletiva Mundial in Manaus, Brazil, and the Finnish Open, which earned him a ticket to the world championships in 2012.

In addition to this, Malte enjoys theater scholarship. He supplemented his BFA with a Cand. Mag. in Theater and Performance studies from Copenhagen University, writing his thesis on the translation of Adam Oehlenschläger’s Kjartan og Gudrun, a project which has since been funded by the Danish Arts Council.